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Elle Beauty Products 

Check out the various products that Elle Beauty has to offer.

Images of various bath salts, candles and lavender, in a purple background.

"Elle Beauty started as a dream, a dream that I can trace back to childhood. Creating gifts for anyone, made me happy. I remember exploring the kitchen and making things, with sugar and coffee and anything that smelled nice, I wanted to play in it. I was the girl making crowns from flowers and dandelions in the yard and prancing around with all the confidence in the world. Later on in life my creativity expanded to make gifts for family and friends for baby showers and Christmas. For me, Elle Beauty is a way of cultivating the art of gift giving into a business. I want people to understand the usefulness of their ingredients and I want each item to feel personalized as if it were made just for you right from my kitchen."  


                                                                                          -- Lexa Heffney, Owner/Founder 

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About Elle Beauty

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