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Rosemary Rose Petal Aromatherapy Bath Salt (Two Size Options Available)

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  • Epsom Salt is mixed with coarse Himalayan Salt, Rose Petals and dried herbs to create a one of a kind spa-like at home bath therapy. This is an 8 oz Jar with a wooden scoop so theres plenty for a full months relaxation. Pink Himalayan Salt is a master exfoliator and helps rid the skin of dead skin cells for softer and  brighter looking skin. Minerals provided from the salt also help restore moisture and deep hydraton to the skin. This salt also helps to balance out ph levels while the rosmary oil helps to smooth fine lines and can detox the body while reducing inflammation.

    Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Rose Petals, Dried Rosmary, dried Mint Leaves, and Rosemary Essential Oil. 













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